Reasons to Install Skirting Boards to Your Home Interior

The basis for a beautiful home interior and is usually the skirting boards. So, choosing skirting boards of your preference creates a smooth transition from wall to floor and evokes a harmonious flow throughout the room. But you may ask: Are skirting boards are essentially necessary for your home? Whenever you are thinking about increasing your home’s value or just redecorating it, here are just some reasons why skirting boards are indispensable to your home.

Conceals Ugly Wiring

wiringYou usually need to run a route for electrical wires, but this is sometimes an ugly eyesore, especially if they hang openly from walls or ceilings. It’s not a good idea to run wires around ceilings, as this can force you to remove the entire ceiling if something needs to be repaired. This process can be time-consuming and much more expensive. It’s more practical and economical to hide wiring in skirting boards, and some PVC panels are made for this purpose. A home that can achieve a high value should have adequate electrical installation.

Fills Significant Gaps

It is difficult to align the floor and walls, but the most skilled installers may or may not align the floor and walls. It is unavoidable, and there will still be unnecessary gaps that are noticeable even after the floor is installed. Most contractors would opt for skirting boards to cover all those gaps, rather than starting the installation process all over again. Skirting boards help to cover up these tiny gaps for a seamless flooring surface and prevent water from seeping in as well.

Prevents Possible Damages

A common benefit of skirting boards offer damage prevention to walls and furniture by creating a barrier between them in the same way. Skirting boards also prevent furniture from being placed too close to the wall, where it could leave unsightly marks on the bottom and destroy wall paint. This is important for the long-term protection of your house walls. Also, skirting boards can hide the fringes of wallpaper. If you happen to use wallpaper, the edge should be properly concealed and tucked away. This prevents them from becoming invisible and unnoticeable after a long period.

Serves as a Decoration

Skirting boards hide the openings between the walls and the floor, giving the room a much more professional and finished look. Moldings can be added to skirting boards to also act as decorative elements. The boards can be painted like the rest of the wall to give a uniform look to the area, or they can be painted a different color to add interest and contrast. The best types of skirting board material that can decorate and even affect the overall value of your property are solid and tropical woods and jointed pine.